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1000W/48V Residential Wind Turbine 5 Blades w/Controller

Model # :  HY-1000-48

Price Range: $1,199.00 

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5 Blades High Output 1000W Rated Hybrid Output/48V Home Wind Turbine - Wind/Solar Hybrid

1200W Max. wind/solar Hybrid output, 1000W rated with wind only.

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Designed with both reliability and performance in mind, WindMax Wind Turbines feature maintenance free design, high reliability and consistent performance.

A small home wind turbine is a long term investment. Before you purchase a wind turbine, the first factor to consider is if the energy produced by a wind turbine can pay for itself in 10 years or less. In order to achieve this, the wind turbine must be a high quality, reliable, maintenance free wind turbine with excellent performance.
The second factor to consider is installation and ownership cost. Poor reliability, low quality and high maintenance will greatly increase ownership cost and make the wind turbine impossible to pay for itself.
The third factor is environment and safety. A small home wind turbine should be safe for high winds, quiet and have no vibrations to make it residential/home friendly.

WindMax wind turbines can meet the above requirements and do much more:

  • Designed and built by an experienced wind turbine technology R&D team that are committed to innovation and quality.
  • CE certified for "Small Wind Turbine with High Reliability".
  • ISO certified for "Design, Development and Manufacture of Small Wind Turbines".
  • Amazingly quiet operation with little or no vibration. 
  • Reliable two-moving-part maintenance free design. No problematic furling.
  • Fully automatic with blade aerodynamic braking and controller electromagnetic braking.
  • WindMax wind turbines will ensure safe operation at high wind. Survival wind speed is up to 134 mph (3 blades models). Old style fiberglass blades make the old style furling based wind turbine a hazard at high wind.
  • High efficiency is achieved by matching design of the generator and blades.
  • Patented Blades with twisted aerodynamic design and high efficiency are made using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for highest strength, consistency of quality, performance and durability.
  • Easy installation, no welding needed. Pole connector provided for standard Schedule 40 2" pipe pole.
  • Brushless Generator: NO motor brushes in our generator and a maintenance-free design with strong neodymium magnets. Old style generators have motor brushes that require regular maintenance. Brushes are high failure items and need replacements regularly.
  • The blades are made of high-strength Nylon-fiberglass materials. They are not the hollow fiberglass blades which are dangerous in high wind and need to be replaced in a couple of years.

Patented, ISO certified WindMax H series with 5 blades is the next generation system built with advanced technology, it is light weight and easy to install. It performs much better and is much more reliable than older style wind turbines using furling which is outdated technology.

Designed to maximize energy output at low wind conditions under 25 mph.


Rated power (wind turbine only): 1015W

Maximum power : 1200W with wind/solar hybrid

Solar/wind hybrid controller with separate Dump loader included

We don't provide warranty for self installed wind turbines.

please read CONDITIONAL wind turbine warranty on home page for details.

WINDMAX-H12 system includes generator with slip ring, hub, 5 blades, nose cone, tail, wire connector, bolt-on Pole Collar, wind/solar hybrid controller, dump loader, and screws/bolts/washers/nuts needed to assemble the wind generator


High Efficiency 1200W Maximum Hybrid Output/48V WINDMAX Wind Turbine system with Slip Ring, Electromagnetic speed limitation, blade over-speed braking and hybrid solar/wind power output capability with maintenance free design.

WINDMAX Wind Turbine system WINDMAX-H12 is built for residential/industrial land, RV applications

Maximum Solar panels: 200W


Bolt-on mount included for easy connection, safety and durability.

Improved pole connector fits standard 2" SCH40 steel pipe, no welding needed.

Patented, twisted high efficiency blades and extremely efficient aerodynamics design optimize angle of attack all along blades at different wind speeds and create the highest lift to drag ratio, blades are made using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology.

Multifunctional Hybrid controller combines the functions of solar/wind charge control, dump load, over-charge protection,  short-circuit protection and pole-confusion protection

Strong Neodymium magnet PMA, the unique winding and multi-pole design reduces the start-up torque of the alternator that assures the it can generate more electricity.


Great for cabins, backup power, battery charging, RV and remote power

Perfect Wind turbine system to compliment existing solar systems

Wind/solar hybrid controller can support combined wind generator load & solar load

Can be used as either wind turbine only or wind/solar hybrid system.

This product is listed using maximum hybrid wind/solar output capacity in the product title, you need both wind turbine and solar panel to achieve maximum wind/solar output capacity. Please read all the product details before your purchase. Solar panels are sold separately.

Note: The wind turbine test data and other data provided for this product is based on the factory's testing using factory specific off-grid battery charging configuration only. Grid tie configuration is not tested by factory, results may vary.

Controllers are for battery charging only. Controllers for HYenergy wind turbines can only directly connect to battery. You should never connect controller directly to any other devices such as inverters. Connecting controller to inverters or other devices may pose risk of fire hazard and have wind turbine/electrical failure.

Click HERE to buy inverter

We don't provide warranty for self installed wind turbines.

All sales final and sold as it is for self installed wind turbines.

please read CONDITIONAL wind turbine warranty on home page for details.

Shipping Dimensions For 1 Turbine:
100 pounds
58" X 21" X 10"

In 2 Cardboard Boxes

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1000W/48V Residential Wind Turbine 5 Blades w/Controller

Model #: HY-1000-48
$1199.00 New Available online
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